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B-Zen 5 in 1 stroller

  • Folds/unfolds very easily
  • Adjustable handle height (84 cm - 115 cm)
  • Anti-shock amortization on (removeable) front & back wheels
  • Alu frame for all terrains
  • Front wheels can pivot or be fixed
  • Removable, washable, luxury fabrics
  • Large storage space
  • Central brake system
  • Airless EVA tubes
  • Reflective materials for walks in the dark

  • Cradle: ventilated bottom, adjustable head support and carrying handle
  • Can be used in a rocking or fixed position when standing on the ground
  • Ventilated sun hood

  • Stroller: seat can be placed in or against the direction of movement
  • Adjustable leg and back support (3 positions, can be placed almost completely flat)
  • 5-point harness with strap covers and protective handle
  • Seat unit can be folded together with the frame
  • Car seat: 3-point safety harness and removable support pillow for correct positioning of the child’s back
  • Removable hood with windows

  • Included accessories: nursery bag, cup holder, rain protection for stroller and cradle, mosquito net for cradle, leg cover (stroller & cradle), car seat adapters (compatible with Maxi Cosi, Kiddy and B-Safe)
  • Optional: isofix base available (optional)
  • Stroller can be purchased with our without car seat
  • Dimensions (folded): 61 cm x 82 cm x 35 cm (smaller when wheels are removed)

Download the instructions

Code: B700500 B-Zen 5 in 1 Stroller Light Grey

Code: B700530 B-Zen 5 in 1 Stroller Dark Grey/Black

Code: B700505 B-Zen 4 in 1 Stroller Light Grey (without car seat)

Code: B700535 B-Zen 4 in 1 Stroller Dark Grey/Black (without car seat)

Code: B700550 Isofix Base for Car Seat


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