Swaddling blankets in 100% cotton - the easiest swaddling solution for your baby. 

Swaddling in 3 easy steps:

1. Open the blanket and align the baby’s shoulders with the top of the blanket. Place his legs in the pouch.

2. Open the velcro fastener on the pouch. Fold the left side of the blanket over baby’s chest and attach the velcro at its legs. Place the fabric under your baby’s right arm.

3. Fold the right side of the blanket over the baby and close the velcro fastener. Adjust so that it fits nicely around baby’s chest.

Small (3,2 to 6,4 kg): from birth to +/- 4 months
Large (6,4 to 10 kg ): from +/- 4 months



Code B170300 Small Taupe                              Code B170400 Small White                            Code B170500 Small Grey

Code B170310 Large Taupe                              Code B170410 Large White                            Code B170510 Large Grey


Code B170700 Small Taupe Lion                      Code B170800 Small Pink Flower                   Code B170900 Small Blue Bear

Code B170710 Large Taupe Lion                      Code B170810 Large Pink Flower                   Code B170910 Large Blue Bear



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