B-Roly Poly Unicorn


B-Roly Poly Unicorn

B-Roly Poly Unicorn


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The Roly Poly Unicorn is designed for babies at different levels of development. It helps to stimulate grasping in young babies (3+ months) and hand-eye coordination in babies who are beginning to sit up and crawl (6+ months). It also introduces the concepts of colour and numbers to babies from 9 months.

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Introducing the Roly Poly Unicorn, a special toy designed for babies at different stages of growing up! From when they start grabbing things to when they learn about colors and numbers, this toy is here to help them learn and have fun.

For babies as young as 3 months, it’s great for helping them learn to hold things. It’s soft and easy to grab onto, so it’s perfect for little hands.

As babies get older and start sitting up and moving around (about 6 months), the Roly Poly Unicorn is still a great buddy. It wobbles around, making babies want to reach out and touch it, which helps them learn to use their hands and eyes together.

But that’s not all! When babies are about 9 months old, the Roly Poly Unicorn starts teaching them about colors and numbers. It’s colorful and has buttons with numbers on them, so babies can learn to count and recognize colors while they play.

The Roly Poly Unicorn isn’t just any toy—it’s a fun friend that helps babies learn and grow. With its bright colors and fun features, it’s sure to be a favorite toy for your little one. Let the fun and learning begin with the Roly Poly Unicorn!

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