Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer


Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer

Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer


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Having fun with the Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer, a delightful addition to bath time fun for your little one! Bid farewell to uncertainty about water temperature and greet hassle-free bath times with this charming thermometer.

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The Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer is crafted with enjoyment in mind, this adorable submarine-shaped thermometer offers precise temperature readings, ensuring your child’s bath water is always just right. No more guesswork or hand-testing – simply glance at the temperature display for instant reassurance.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Whale Bath Thermometer isn’t just practical; it’s also playful. Its charming design adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom decor, enhancing bath time with its delightful presence.

With the Whale – Manual Bath Thermometer, you can transform ordinary bath times into extraordinary adventures. Say hello to happy splashing and unforgettable moments with this must-have addition to your bathroom routine.

  • Temperature display
  • Cute, playful shape

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ABS + Kersone + Glass


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